Australian Food Waste

The Client

Australian Food Waste is a government lead initiative focused on reducing food waste in Australia. 


Their primary goal was creating awareness around food waste through:

  • Displaying strategies on how much the community can reduce food waster.

  • Displaying case studies that examine the current action being taken within the food supply chain


Their secondary goal was to promote the National Food Waste Strategy by:

  • Providing simple explanations for the key deliverables in the strategy.

  • Including the voluntary commitment program

  • Monitoring and evaluating the framework, including the baselines work currently underway and implementation plan.

Project Services

Custom Dashboard | Dynamic Content | SEO | Mobile Optimisation

The Solution

I always start a project with research. I researched the target audience, which was very wide as Australian Food Waste was targeting all Australians. I had to determine what was and wasn’t important to the site’s visitors.


After research, I then created a website - that included the use of WiX Code - that satisfied the client’s two goals.


The primary and secondary call-to-actions were “explore projects” and view events” respectively. These two call-to-actions help achieve the primary goal.


The section title “National Food Waste Strategy” explains what the strategy is and provide links to more information, therefore fulfilling the secondary goal.


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