Blackmore Capital

The Client

Blackmore Capital is an Australian equity investment and equity portfolio manager wanting to target the geographic location of Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs.


Blackmore Capital required a new website, WiX Code and copywriting and their goals where:

  1. Potential clients to learn about their company, including portfolio options

  2. Receive MailChimp subscribers

  3. Receive enquiries from visitors

Project Services

API Integration | Dynamic Content | Chat Integration | SEO | Mobile Optimisation

The Solution

A business such as Blackmore Capital generally attracts an older, wealthy demographic. So, I began with research into what kind of roles this demographic would have, and what would be important to them. Then I researched the competition so I could leverage from what they did successfully. Competitor research also helps create a design that will stand out and be memorable to clients who may be comparing companies before deciding who to choose.


To achieve the primary goal, we included an introductory paragraph that instantly informs the visitors as to what Blackmore Capital does, and included prominent portfolio heading with dominant “view profile” call-to-action buttons to urge the visitor to keep reading.


To meet the secondary and tertiary goals, I created a clean “contact us” section with a minimalist email subscription to allow visitors to stay up to date and keep Blackmore Capital at the top of mind.

Toby helped us create a fantastic website at a very reasonable price. Toby is very proactive and diligent in his approach and very fair and reasonable as the project evolves. I highly recommend Toby as a Wix expert and is a pleasure to deal with.
Miles Bellman
Blackmore Capital | Carlton, Melbourne


I am a Wix Pro Designer and a certified Wix Webmaster. I will use strategic thinking and a creative approach to identify your business' needs and achieve the best solution.

My design aesthetic is clean, sleek, and modern. I will deliver a professional website, built using proven digital marketing techniques and established web design standards.

I strongly believe in open communication and am committed to helping small-medium businesses establish a modern identity and a compelling online presence. I have worked with clients all around the world including  Australia, America, the UK and throughout Europe.​



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