Beds 4 Everybody

The Client

Beds 4 Everybody is a new online mattress retailer based in Cheltenham, Melbourne. They sell affordable mattress and bases for student accommodation, holiday homes, and display homes. As a new retailer, they needed an eCommerce website to sell their products, a social media presence to increase brand awareness and a branding strategy including and copywriting to ensure that the style was consistent across all mediums. Their primary goal was to generate product sales. However, they also wanted to generate brand awareness as they were new to the market.

Project Services

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The Solution

The first step was to research the target audience and the competition. This research was vital as it allowed me to understand what was already working and leverage from that success. I then created the style guide, which included designing the logo, type system (font) and colour palette.


The primary focus of the website was to generate product sales. That is why there are prominent “Shop Now” buttons through the website as well as a conveniently placed “My Cart” button at the top right of the page so that the visitor can easily see what is in their cart. 


The secondary focus was to generate brand awareness. That is why on the home page, I really focused on showcasing the unique value that Beds 4 Everybody has to offer, such as the products are Australian made, that they provide free shipping and that the products are affordable.


The result is a website that explains what sets Beds 4 Everybody apart from the competition and provides a clear direction on how to take the next step and purchase a mattress.


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