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8 Ways your Website is Driving Customers Away

Your website is integral to the success of your business. Therefore, it is highly important for you to ensure that it is as user friendly to your target audience as possible. The following eight points are common mistakes that drive customers away:

1. Not Mobile Optimised

Mobile optimisation is as important as having a regular website. As I have mentioned in previous articles, over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. Not utilising mobile optimisation will deter this percentage of people, therefore minimising your potential customer base.

2. Slow Loading Speeds

No one has the patience for a website that takes too long to load. If your website is slow, your potential customers aren’t going to stick around.

3. Content That is Badly Written

Badly written content will make you appear unprofessional and diminish your credibility. Take time to ensure your content is well written and concise, or employ a professional to do it.

4. Is Not Visually Appealing

Customers will judge your business instantly when they land on your website. If it is a mish mash of colours, outdated features, and different sized text and fonts, the viewer – who could’ve been a customer – will hastily leave your website without going past the first page.

5. Auto-Playing Music

Possibly the biggest deterrent. In most scenarios, auto-playing music results in the potential customer exiting your page as quickly as possible. Background music is unnecessary, annoying, and some even view it as rude.

6. No Social Media Links

It is important to have links to all your social media accounts. This lets the customer explore you and your business further. Social media adds credibility and trust, and without it, you may come across as outdated.

7. Confusing Structure and Navigation

A priority for your website should be ease of use. If the structure (page layout, such as placement of images and text) and navigation (menus, buttons and other links) are confusing, your customer will become agitated and exit your site.

8. Using Uncommon Terms

Technical jargon is not fun for anyone outside of the industry. Do not assume that people will automatically know what words like “ROI” and “synergy” mean. Keep it simple and you will draw in a larger range of customers. Don’t, and you will alienate a large number of your target audience who don’t understand the terms.

If your website is guilty of one or more of these customer deterrents, it is important to fix it as soon as possible. It is essential for your website to be welcoming to customers. Please contact me if you require help.


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