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10 Common Web Design Mistakes

Web design mistakes, though common, are detrimental to your business. Having a successful website - which in turn has a high customer conversion rate - is the result of integrating key elements such as good usability, SEO, mobile optimisation and much more.

Here is a more extensive list of common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Poor Site Structure & Navigation – having poor structure and navigation is a massive deterrent for your website’s visitors. Your website should be easily navigated with important links in the menu bar and buttons clearly visible.

  2. Forgetting SEO – forgetting to implement SEO is a massive, yet common, mistake for business owners. Without SEO, your web presence is virtually invisible and you will get the barest – if any – organic traffic to you website.

  3. Forgetting Analytics – analytics allows you to see how many people have visited your site, their geographic location and how they navigated your website. This allows you to see what percentage of customers went beyond the first page, made purchases etc. so you can continue to improve and keep you conversion rate going up.

  4. Forgetting Mobile – mobile optimisation is vital with over half the population possessing smartphones and over 50% of website traffic coming from mobile devices. Your customer conversion rate is believed to be 5% higher when you have optimised for mobile, so that’s potentially 5% of your sales that you are missing out on.

  5. No Clear Call-To-Action – a call to action invokes a desired action from the visitor – this is the main point of having a website. That action may be downloading a newsletter, signing up for a subscription, making a purchase, the list goes on. A strong call-to-action greatly increases your customer conversion rates, so make sure you have at least one!

  6. No Regular Updates – Having regular updates that are optimised for search engines will increase your ranking on search engines. Try doing blog posts, add content and promote offers every so often. It will keep your existing customers interested, and expand your customer base through social sharing.

  7. Inconsistent Branding – It is important for your branding to be consistent across the website as it is integral in terms of marketing. You need to build a brand that is memorable and unique. It is quite a common mistake to see multiple different fonts and colours throughout websites, but you should keep it to 1-2 fonts and 2-3 colours maximum.

  8. Poor Readability & Legibility – There is no point having great content that is hard to read. Keep font size, style, and colour clear. If your visitor is struggling to read your content, you will simply loose out on business.

  9. Cluttered Pages, Use Whitespace – I know when you build a website, you want to include as much information as you can. While it is important to include content, slabs of information and too many images can deter visitors. Odds are, they won’t want to read through blocks of content. Information should be clear, tidy and to the point. Why say something in three sentences when you can say it in one?

  10. Background Music – background music is a big no no. It is annoying and intrusive so your visitors are likely to exit from your website very quickly. It is unnecessary and will do more harm than good.

If your website avoids these mistakes then you are doing well, if you are unsure, then contact me for further guidance.


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