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Best New WIX Features of 2016 (Jan-April)

One of the benefits of creating your website with WIX, is that they are constantly working to bring great new features. These features help you design a website that will set you apart from your competition, helping you to increase your websites usability and functionality.

Below is a list of the best WIX features of 2016 so far.

Crop: The new crop tool enables you to easily resize, focus and magnify any image you want.

New Feature (Crop)

Image Filters: You can now add beautiful filters to your photos - there are 18 styles to choose from.

New Feature (Image Filters)

Stretch: With one click you can now stretch your gallery, map or menu to the full-width of your screen.

New Feature (Full-Width)

Zoom Out: Easily reorder any section of your entire website by drag them up or down in the hierarchy.

New Feature (Zoom Out)

Get Feedback: Send a link to your friends and family to get feedback on your site before publishing. Or if you are getting your website designed by a professional, they can send you updates on the design and you can leave comments.

Wix Invoices: Now you can easily send and track invoices through your WIX website.

20 New WIX Fonts

Bonus: There are 20 new fonts to help you communicate better than ever!


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