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Why Your Website is More Important Than Your Business Card

Website Vs Business Card

A well-built website can be the key to your business’s success. They have all that of a business card and much, much more. Business cards are limited in ways that websites are not, due to the dynamic, digital nature of a website, a business card just can’t compete.

Keeping Your Information Up To Date

It is paramount to keep your business’s information up to date, otherwise, how can potential customers successfully contact you or know what your business is about? If your sole source of marketing is your business card, changing something as simple as your phone number is a nightmare. Your business card - which is already in circulation - will be useless if any of your details need to change. This is an instance where having a great website has the upper hand; you can change your details easily so the information being marketed will always be correct.


You’ve made up your business cards and have started to circulate them, then you realise that you have made a typo. Once your business card is out there, this cannot be corrected easily. Sure, you can have you cards remade at another expense to you and send the new ones out, but the previous ones are already out there. Errors like that reflect badly on you and your business, and customers will notice. Any errors you may make on your website can be easily fixed with minimal impact to your business.

Limited Space

A business card has limited space and not much room for creative license. You are restricted to your contact details, logo, and maybe a small design. It is very difficult to stand out from the crowd with just a business card. However, a website allows you to have as many pages of information as you like, and – maybe most importantly – the chance to be unique. Customers can get a better feel for your business and learn a lot more information from your website.


Websites allow dynamic content such as newsletters that customers can subscribe to. This means that customers can keep up to date with your business and your services and or products. A business card simply does not.

Websites Have Further Reach

Your website has a potentially unlimited reach, where a business card needs to be distributed manually. Business cards primarily depend on you meeting with people and handing them out. As stated before, a business card has limited information due to the size of the card, and unfortunately even meeting people personally is limited due to the time and space you have. A website can contain as much information as needed, and can be reached by anyone with Internet access.


Having a website allows for feedback. You can get comments on your products - which may be positive or negative but both have value as feedback – and you can follow the trends of how people visit your page if you have installed analytics and metadata. This helps when you are wanting to improve certain aspects of your website to increase your customer conversion rate.

So while your business card is an important marketing tool, the key to your business’s success lies with your website and a digital marketing strategy.

If you are looking to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, contact me for professional help.


Toby helped us create a fantastic website at a very reasonable price. Toby is very proactive and diligent in his approach. I highly recommend Toby as a Wix expert.

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